1. Therapeutic
    Management of chronic pain, sprain, strain and overuse injuries. Your treatment will include assessment, use of appropriate hydrotherapy and massage techniques, followed with a stretching and strengthening routine.
  2. Fire Cupping
    A lighter technique used to get into deeper tissues. Fire cupping will reduce inflammation by bringing inflammatory chemicals closer to the surface so they can be released while increasing blood flow for healthy tissue growth. Cupping is also great for areas that are too painful for deep work.
  3. Body Maintanence
    Work out the kinks before they become problematic. A routine, all over treatment will focus on minor aches or postural abnormalities. Recommended treatment for every 3-6 weeks.
  4. Pregnancy and post-natal
    Let us help with muscle and facial releases specific to your needs and changing body. Enjoy and relax knowing you are in safe, caring hands. *A doctor's note may be required.
  5. Relaxation
    Ease you mind and body with relaxation like no other in our beautiful, by the sea setting. Stimulate your senses with the calming sounds of nature, scent of coco-nut and full body stimulation using heat and gentle, rhythmic massage.
  6. K-Taping
    This application aligns posture so that muscles function at optimal efficiency. It also gives support to injured joints so you can continue with your daily activities.